The identification of surgical instruments must be legible, permanent and, above all, sterile. Existing methods such as laser engraving soon reach their limits.

The greatest challenges are:

  1. It must be ensured that no germs adhere to
    the identification solution after cleaning
    and autoclave sterilisation.
  2. It must be ensured that the identification
    withstands the sterilisation process and
    remains intact.
  3. It must be ensured that the identification is
    safe for the human body.

For this special field of application, Structobond® has been developed.

Structobond® is manufactured using a special, patented process. The polymerising adhesive layer firmly bonds the label to the substrate and forms a top coat at the same time. When heat is applied, the two layers fuse together, fix the data carrier and flow sideways. This creates a homogenous, slightly raised surface which adapts perfectly to the body to which it is to be firmly bonded. The results is coding that is easy to read, firmly attached to the instrument and that can withstand many cleaning, passivation and  autoclave sterilisation processes unscathed.

Structobond® labels are suitable for most relevant surfaces of surgical instruments.

Structobond® is registered trademark of S+P Samson GmbH.