Priv.-Doz. Dr. Fabian Hüttig from the University Hospital of Tübingen says about Structobond®:
  1. Structobond® significantly streamlines the logistics of semi-critical and critical individual instruments.
  2. The Clinic-ID marking solution allows us to quickly and easily allocate cost-intensive instruments to their respective functional units during the reprocessing procedure.
  3. The 2D codes enable us to track and uniquely identify the instruments.
  4. The use of Structobond® considerably reduces the expenses for immediate and correct distribution of quantity-sensitive medical devices among the 45 functional units of our department.
  5. The expense for marking cost-intensive and thus quantity-sensitive medical devices with Structobond® is quickly amortized through security and transparency in logistics.

Structobond® is registered trademark of S+P Samson GmbH.