Barcode identification on the basis of pressure sensitive adhesives has been used for fixing labels for many years. The polymer layers of the pressure sensitive adhesives have long-lasting tack. Modifications with additives provide different levels of initial and final adhesion.

On the other hand, for permanent bonding of components (structural bonding = Structobond®) thermosetting polymers are used which migrate to a solid state. At the end of the hardening process they are no longer sticky. The chemical reaction is triggered by heat or UV radiation.

For the first time, Clinic-ID are now using this technology in the form of labels for permanent identification.

The major advantage of structural bonding is the strength of the bond which is 10 times higher than with wet adhesives. Clinic-ID uses this solution which has been especially developed for the medical sector for the labelling of objects in clinical operations.

Special characteristics are the high resistance to cleaning processes and sterilisation as well as being safe for the human body.

Structobond® is registered trademark of S+P Samson GmbH.